Merlin's Cancer Fight

I was diagnosed with aggressive large cell lymphoma of the GI tract on February 4, 2016, after having loose, bloody stools, and vomiting of bile. We all thought I had inflammatory bowel disease, because I only ever had symptoms when I was stressed (such as when my daddy had to go away for work).

I went to the internal medicine vet to have the IBD confirmed through a GI scope. Well, they started with an ultrasound of my abdomen and they found an enlarged spleen, and enlarged lymph nodes. So I went in the next day for some biopsies.

They were able to get clear biopsies of my spleen and a lymph node, and the diagnosis was unequivocal. The internal medicine vet gave me 1 to 3 months to live.

I am currently doing great on my medication! My mom says you wouldn't even know I was sick if it wasn't for the biopsies being so definitive. I'm purring and playing, eating and drinking, using the litterbox, chasing my sister, attacking my brother, meowing and getting into trouble, and basically totally acting normal! So we are hopeful I will outlast the predictions, and make it until my daddy comes back home. He is currently deployed overseas, and he'll be back home in early June.

Thank you for all your prayers, purrs, and positive thoughts. We appreciate them! Hopefully, I will exceed everyone's expectations.

Merlin here! Just wanted to provide everyone an update!

It has now been two months since my cancer diagnosis.  When I was diagnosed, the internal medicine veterinarian gave me 1 to 3 months to live.  So I'm two-thirds of the way through that.

I am still doing well. I purr, I play, I eat, I groom, I drink, I use the litterbox, I curl up with my brother and sister, and I pretty much act normal.  If my biopsies hadn't been so definitive (and they managed to get very good biopsies of the enlarged lymph nodes in my abdomen, as well as my spleen), it would be hard to believe I have cancer.

I have thrown up a couple of times in the past week, and that always worried my mom, but it doesn't seem to bother me, and my behaviour goes back to normal after.  It's also just a bit of bile, no blood or anything, so it doesn't seem to be serious.

Merlin's selfie for this week

I take my medication every evening like a good boy.  Since starting the medication, my stools have been nice and firm and there's been no blood or mucus in or on them, so that's really good.

Excuse the blurriness, but we wanted to show you that I still like to play!

I haven't lost any weight.  I'm still the solid, muscular boy of the family.

Again, excuse the blurriness, but I'm still jumping after that whirlybird!

So, we continue to be hopeful that I will make it until June, when my dad returns from his deployment overseas.  I really miss my dad.  I'm a daddy's boy, and although mommy is wonderful, my dad is my special human.  I am very proud of my dad and the work he does serving our country, but I do miss him.

Thank you all for your continued supports, purrs, prayers, and positive thoughts.  We all appreciate them very much.

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Anonymous said...

Merlin I just want to say I think you're a very brave guy and I think you're so strong you will be here to welcome your Dad back home and spend some quality time with him! I'm going to send you every spare ounce of energy I have.....I hope it helps!

Hugs, Sammy