Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cats on Tuesday

Do you have any questions about Sphynx? If you'd like to learn more about my breed, head on over to my human mom's blog, and ask your question there. She's going to answer them next week during Cats on Tuesday.

Thanks, and many purrs!


Gattina said...

At least when you "attack" something you do it right, lol ! Lovely Blog, just discovered it. Thanks for the link of memes I looked it trough but I think it's a little early for that. It's the first time and I have to see how people react (and how many) because there are a lot very enthusiastics put their link in and then you don't hear from them anymore. There are also members who are afraid of such "games" and even of Mr. Linky !!!
I am waiting for the moment when Drake discovers your keyboard and starts to create files and folders you didn't even know of !kmuzs

Gattina said...

kmuzs doesn't mean anything I guess I made it with my hand lol !

Anonymous said...

An excellent post by your human Dragonheart!