Tuesday, December 05, 2006

They gave me a bath

I know, I know. We Sphynx need to be bathed, because we lack the hair that would normally absorb body oils. Although we do clean ourselves, just like other cats, because we don't have any fur, our tongues can't keep up with the oil build-up on our skin. So we do need to be bathed periodically.

I was a very good cat and let me them wash me. They put me in a tub that had just a bit of warm water in the bottom, then my mom put some cat shampoo on a washcloth and bathed me. Then she rinsed the shampoo off of me. A warm towel dried me off once the shampoo had been rinsed off.

The best part of the bath? They fed me some stinky goodness after. Yum! They said that I was such a good cat during the bath that I deserved some yummy food. Almo Nature Kitten food. My humans say this food is very healthy,that it is completely natural, without any chemical additives nor preservatives. It consists of 100% organic chicken and rice, 100% free range meat coming from "hormone free" ranges, and 100% sea water fish.
I've forgiven my humans. I know I need to be bathed, and I know they only do it so I stay healthy. No pictures of the bath this time. Maybe next time.


LZ said...

You know what I just realized? I have the same cat tent as you! Mine is red though.

Glad you were good for your bath. I had a bath once because I had a few fleas. It was OK and I trusted my mom.


Anonymous said...

You do sound lovely about the bath. The human woman said you are lucky you live in Germany. From what she's read, their pet foods tend to be more civilized than in the US--or at least you have more choices of civilized foods, like the food you eat.

Susie said...

Bath time should be private time anyways!

WAcKy WedNeSDay is back!

san said...

I must agree with cheysuli about the pet food. I can't get anything organic here for the amigos. We have very few choices.

Lux said...

Thank goodness we do have organic food, even in this little city. But yours looks interesting; I'm always ready to try something new!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like really yummy food. It makes getting a bath worth it.

Gattina said...

Where you too shy to show yourself naked in the bath ?? You really were a good boy ! Bravo ! I am sure the next time you will even enjoy such a nice warm bath.
You really look cute (I shouldn't say that, you could get snobbish) Apparently you enjoy playing on the legs of your dad, but what big paws you have got !! Looks like little fingers on the picture.
(I tried yesterday to put a comment and old Blogger was on strike again ! )