Sunday, January 07, 2007

My Cat Tree

Here are some collages of me hanging out on my cat tree. It's in front of one of the large windows in my room (where my food dishes and litterbox are, but on opposite sides of the room.) My humans call it the office/spare room/computer room however. Silly humans.

I like to curl up on my cat tree, or watch what's happening outside. In the morning, it's nice and warm since the morning sun shines directly into my room.

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Unknown said...

You haf yer own room??? That'd be SOOO kewl!!


mister jeter harris, hizself said...

dat's a verree big cat tree. i like to climb up da reel tree in mi backyard to get to da roof an climb in fru da bafroom window.

Anonymous said...

You are really adorable, Dragonheart.
I enjoy reading your blog.
I have two olde Rex kitties, Caesar and Prinnie. They do not have a bloggie.
<3 Rosemary in Northern Virginia

Daisy said...

You are very lucky to have that great cat tree! I love to look out the window, but I have to do it from the ground.

Lux said...

Your cat tree and window are both the bestest things - except for you sitting in the tree! You've got a really nice room!

Anonymous said...

yur fernychure is in it, so it's yur room. it's nice of you ta let yur people put sum of their stuff in there too tho.

Anonymous said...

That's an excellent cat tree. You do know how to live!h

Anonymous said...

Haha so funny! Here are some images of my two cats: