Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen

#9 - Thirteen Things That Aren't So Great About Being a Sphynx

I've already discussed many of the positive things about being a Sphynx, including the items mentioned in a previous Thursday Thirteen, but there are some disadvantages. Here are a few of them.
  1. DragonheartI have to have weekly baths, because the oil that my skin secretes builds up on the surface and attracts dirt, since I have no fur for the oil to distribute itself through. I do groom myself, just like other cats, but my tongue isn't sufficient to remove the oil build-up.

  2. Since I have no fur in my ears, I also have to have my ears cleaned frequently, because ear wax builds up.

  3. I have to have the skin around my eyes cleaned frequently, because I have no eyelashes, and so eye gunk tends to build up around my eyes.

  4. I have to have my claws and claw sheathes cleaned frequently, since a dark waxy substance builds up. Again, my skin secretes oil, and since there is no fur to absorb the oil, it attracts dust and dirt, and builds up on and around my claws,and in my claw sheathes.

  5. Since Sphynx have faster metabolisms than other cat breeds, that means my claws grow faster. This results in having to have my nails clipped more often.

  6. Although the fast Sphynx metabolism helps to keep me warm, I can still get cold easily if I'm subjected to cold temperatures or if someone touches me with very cold hands.

  7. When my humans have cold hands, they don't want to pet me (and I don't want them petting me) because I could start shivering from the cold.

  8. IDragonheart'm only allowed outside on my harness when it's warm out and when there's plenty of shade available. I'm always closely supervised outside.

  9. Because I have no fur, my skin can sunburn easily, especially the lighter areas of my skin (my pink areas.)

  10. Sphynx are very friendly, loving cats who like plenty of attention and who like to cuddle. This is great most of the time, when either mom or dad is home. It's not so good when they are both gone (for example, when they do their long runs for their marathon training, or when they are on a trip.) I miss the companionship when they are away.

  11. Sphynx are also very active cats who love playing. Again, this is great most of the time - my humans love playing with me and we have lots of fun. However, when one or both of them is ill, or when they aren't around (see above), I have to find ways to amuse myself, and playing alone just isn't as much fun.

  12. The oil that builds up on my skin can transfer easily to other fabrics when I'm in need of a bath. This means my humans have to wash their clothes, or the bedding, or other items more frequently.

  13. Some people make fun of me and say hurtful things, because I don't look like other cats. I understand that not everyone is going to like the way a Sphynx looks, because we do look different from other cats, but they don't have to be mean or cruel about it.

Fortunately, the good things about being a Sphynx outweigh the bad. My humans think I'm adorable, cute and handsome, and so do my cat blogging friends, and they are the only ones who matter! Besides, almost everyone who meets me in person is charmed by my personality and looks!


Daisy said...

Dragonheart, I really loved that list. I never knew some of those things. I think it is really interesting that you still groom - I guess that is a very strong instinct. I think all in all, the good things about Sphynx greatly outweigh the bad things.

It makes me very mad when people say mean things about Sphynx. Sometimes people have said to me "I thought Devon Rex were very ugly until I met you" so I know how it feels to be a "different" type of cat breed.

But we would love you with or without furs!

Paige said...

My mom and dad think you are beyootiful. Seriously. They might be getting one of you soon.




YU are most beautiful..well I knoos yu probably fink "I'm a mancat I can't be beautiful" . but yu are. I knoos that there are many beans who fink I am not purrty because I has no tail and I am shaped differently. But, in my Momma's eyes I am the purriest kitty there is. She tells me that all the time, and I am finally starting to believe her. No one efur thought that a'fore. Don't efur let anyone tell yu that yu aren't beautiful, because yu really and truly are, inside and out.


MaR said...

This very informative, Dragonheart. You are just delicate and special, and you look that way too! I am so sorry about nr 13, just ignore those people! Happy TT!

mister jeter harris, hizself said...

deer dragonheart ...
guten morgen!
cleenin, clippin, an shiverin. hmmm. doze ar three thingz dat don't happen to me dat much. (u mite wanna talk to da grate bogdan abowt oily build-up! laffin!)
an no fur in yer eerz ... dat mus meen ... no eer tuftz!
lemme at da peepul hoo ar bein meen an cruel.
i luv u!
yer grate frend--jh

Tink said...

Wow, we are glad to have fur! Although you're very handsome without! Our mommy has posted a TT all about us, with pics. Come take a look, if you want?
Love, Freyja & Bastet

Gattina said...

Drachenherzchen don't mind these stupid people I like you the way you are and you ARE cute ! So your mum has a lot of work to keep you healthy and handsome ! But I am sure she loves to make up a little beauty salon for you.
BTW the Egyptians call cats "Otta" I know it because in the little village where I went for a walk, people used to show me all cats around by pointing on them saying "look madame, otta" lol !
You should have a look on the collars I made for my girls !

Carmen said...

Dragonheart, those mean people that make fun of you are just jealous! I think you're very handsome and interesting!

Anne said...

Thanks for visiting my TT! You look very noble in your picture - definitely living up to you name.

Anonymous said...

Aw, Dragonheart. i loved this list... except the last one made me sad.
When Caesar and Prinnie were kittens (we lived in Maryland), our neighbor came over and looked at our kitties and said they were the ugliest kitties he had ever seen. It bit my heart. That was so unkind. He was used to fluffy kitties with round faces and big whiskers.
Since then, I learned "Don't let people rent space in your head"

I hope you have a very happy day.
You are loved by me. If I lived close by I would play with you when your mom and dad were busy :-)

Tiki, Kirby, and StanLee said...

We think you are very cute. Sounds like it's more work to take care of you than the average cat, but you're worth it and your Mommy & Daddy love you very much. (We can tell because they take such good care of you.)

Maybe you need a sibling. We're never lonely because we have each other.

Unknown said...

every week, we learn more and more about the great Sphynx breed that is you, Dragonheart! We was suprised to see you can get sunburned! (it does make sense though)

We're with the great JH...we'll put the Bitey on the mean people! We love you just as you are!


Anonymous said...

I didn't know that so much work was involved in keeping a Sphynx cat. But, Dragonheart, I'm sure you're worth every second of it. And you're gorgeous, so don't worry what other people say about you.

Hot(M)BC said...

It must be hard to be a different sort of cat. That just makes you special tho. We all think you're handsum (even my Mom and my Grandma)! Well, ok, Pepi thinks you're a good lookin cat but he wouldn't say handsum. hehe

KarenW said...

13 - aww, I'm sorry. I like unique individuals!

Myst and Blackie said...

Dragonheart - we really didn't know anything about the Sphynx breed before we met you. You are helping the Cat Blogosphere become very educated about your breed. We think you are very handsome & smart - we are glad you will be getting a sibling later this year to keep you company when your Mom & Dad are gone. No matter how hard it is to let the mean people's comments bother you - we want you to know that you have friends who admire your looks & brain.

Anonymous said...

Dragonheart I really learned alot from your list.I can't believe people would say mean things about you cause I think your adorable.

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Great list Dragonheart! You really are helping everyone learn about Sphynx kitties! I think you are gorgeous!

Those people that don't like you (or your breed) cause you have no hair are terrible!

The M's said...

We are all different in our own ways, that is no reason to be mean or hurtful. We all love you here at the M's, plus we fink you are berry handsome.

Christine and FAZ said...

DH, I love you - you are definitely the most interesting cat I have ever met. FAZ
p.s. Daisy is pretty cool too because she is very smart and can do almost anything.

Anonymous said...

I think it's mean to say bad things too. Being different is okay. It just makes you MORE special. I wanted to say congraulations because I thought you were a winner for Mr. Littebox, and I'm amazed that YOU didn't tie with Skeezix. I thought you would win, or at least tie for the win. I really did! You're a winner to me anyway!!

Anonymous said...

Aw, Dragonheart - your so cute!

Happy TT :D

L^2 said...

I've never met a Sphynx cat, so this is waa very interesting and informative list. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for visiting my list.
Happy TT! :-)

Forty Paws said...

Awww, bless your little heart. We are sorry that people say hurtful things to you. Some people just never get it that words can really hurt sentient beings.

We think you are beautiful and you always look so thoughtful. Like you are a wise soul from a previous life.

You're a high-maintenance cat aren't you? Some of us are too, but because of our illnesses, not our oils cause we has the fur to disperse it. Maw says it would be nice to not have to vacuum up tons of fur all the time!!!!!

Luf, Us

Anonymous said...

Hey that was really interesting - I had no idea! I would have thought you would have required very little grooming since you have no hair.

I sure hope you like your baths, since you get to have so many! :-)

Annie said...

Dragonheart, don't listen to the meanies because you are a VERY HANDSOME cat! And it looks like others here think the same thing.

Happy TT!

JAM said...

Dragonheart. Great list!

I have to take a bath every week or so as well. I guess you Sphynx types are more like humans than other kittehs.

justjuls said...

I learned a lot! It was a great list.
I don't think I have ever see a sphynx in person -
We have a siamese mix - and she is very unique - and rotten. She decided to sit right by me this morning and cry - which she does often. They are real cry-babies!
I love cats -
My son is allergic to the cat hair - do you think a sphynx would solve that problem?

Forty Paws said...

Hi Dragonheart,

If you would really like a cat hammock, we researched and it would be $22.90US to air parcel ship one to you.

Luf, Us

Crystal said...

Aww, I hope my TT list this week didn't offend you. You're a cool and distinguished looking cat! I was always the oddball growing up, wearing glasses and having ugly freckles and bright red hair with neon white skin. Unique doesn't = ugly, but the animals on my blog weren't just unique, they were a bit scary. LOL

Thanks for stopping by. :)

Shaggy and Scout said...

Dragonheart we always learn something when we visit.
You are quite handsome & mom has a crush on you.

Karen Jo said...

I love reading your blog and learning more about Sphynx cats. I hadn't thought about you being susceptible to sunburn, but it makes sense. Pay no attention to the rude people. My theory is that they are twisted, rotten people who get their jollies out of hurting other beings because they have no one who cares about them. They have driven them all away.

Joy Renee said...

what's not to love? cute, smart, playful.

i will remember never to pet a sphynx kitty with cold hands. i didn't know that.

thanx for visiting my tt 13 things i am grateful for.

Anonymous said...

Hey Drago,

I am glad to find your own weblog in the www - and I am a little bit jealous that you have your own page, I don´t have this :o(

I will follow your way, I love to surf through the net while mummy is on the phone or looking for food.

I look forward to hear you - and don´t care about the stupid people who say bad things - they don´t not that "bald is beautiful"

Your brother from the "Fairytales"


Unknown said...

Oh Dragonheart, you are such a be-YOU-tee-ful and adorable kitty! If anyone says anything mean and ignorant about you, just sharpen your claws on their legs! That'll teach 'em... Spinx is a gorgeous breed. You're still a kitty, just a kitty with no fur, which means you need extra love and attention!

And what kitty ever turned down extra love and attention?

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Grrr, #13 makes me want to smack someone. We'd love to have a cat, but my middle monster is allergic. :-( Happy TT!

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

But Dragonheart, yoor sooo kyoot! I'm sorry some beans are so meen as to say bad things 'bout yoo. Mom sez yoor furry kyoot but dat yoo wood be to high maintenance fur her. Did we effur menshun dat our mom iz kinda lazy?~Sadie
We all love yoo Dragonheart and mom iz not lazy, she just spends to much time at work. Oh and effun furry kitties get sunburn on der pink nozes and eers.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I've never heard of a Sphynx before today. I'll have to look it up! Were they bred to be that way, or were they always furless?

Happy TT!

LZ said...

It is very noble of you to be humble but I really don't think its possible you have flaws- you're too cute! We all have our "dirty areas". I really wish I could sniff you, I bet you smell really interesting!!


Smeagol and Strider, Mystery (Sunnin' at the Bridge) and Gizmo too! said...

That's a furry interestin' TT, thanks for sharin'! Our v-e-t has a Sphynx, Petey, who hangs around her office while she's there, and we've met him.
It makes us mad that people say mean things.

Debby said...

Awwww, but what a sweet kitty. We all suffer for beauty. Happy Thursday and thanks for visiting!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Dragonheart, a lot of this sounds like life with my Devons. Especially the oil and gunk on the toenails.

Take care of yourself and happy TT!

Liz Hill said...

That is so informative. I never realized anything about the secretions. So gald you stopped by and left a comment. I do love kitties. I might someday summon the courage to put up a post about my Ling.

Toffee K. Ripple Fuzzypants & Feline American Angels said...

I had no idea that you got oily because of your lack of fur. Wow ... I learned something new. Thanks for educating the blogosphere, DragonHeart!

The Meezers or Billy said...

Dragonheart, efenn wif all of those not so good fings about being a Spinx, you is still great. And mommy is absolutely in luf wif you!!!

Blog said...

Wow! High maintenance! I have three cats -- and they're NOTHING to maintain compared to this! But, looks like it's ALL worth it. I now love SPHYNXES! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

You're stunningly handsome and regal looking, besides having a great purrsonality. I bet your people don't even care that you're a little "high maintenance" - they're glad to do it because you're so loveable.

Tiger Lily said...

Isn't it great what our humans will do to make life better for us? And who cares about those poor souls who can't see that every single one of us is beautiful no matter how different we look from each other? Thank you for all the great information you give us.

Mattingly said...

Whoa Dragonheart! So much to say. First of all, this is a great list. We love learning more about Sphynx kitties over here. It definitely seems that the positives about being a Sphynx far outweigh the negatives. Even the things you think are negatives, my Mom doesn't think really are. She thinks it's a lot of work to clean up hair (especially because Dad is a bit allergic and my Grandma is VERY allergic so there always has to be major cleaning done before she comes). Plus there are hairballs to clean up and that's a bummer. And finally, my Mom actually LIKES doing laundry, so she would rather wash stuff that got oily then have to go crazy all the time with a vacuum and lint roller. Of course she loves us and wouldn't trade us. At least I hope so.

Also we have to say that you cut one of the most dashing figures of any cat out there on the net... and often you just look positively regal. In some ways... like a real cat. I would also be interested to see what you smell like, and my Mom is dying now to see what you feel like... though now she's happy to know that she should have warm hands before petting a Sphynx.

And finally about Mr. Litterbox. I'm very sorry if my post offended you. We really, truly loved your entry over here. And we know that Skeezix has many more resources than we all have. We are hardly ever able to give anything outside our household at this point since my Mom is still also a student. We would love to give as much as Skeezix, or even partly as much. I just saw this as an opportunity to show appreciation to someone who has given so much to the cats of the blogosphere, and even those outside of it. That is not to say at all that other kitties weren't also deserving, or that other kitties don't have hearts so big. I hope you understand that I never meant to slight anyone, and I am truly sorry if I offended. I was so upset when I read your comment. That is also why we almost never vote in these things... because we like everyone so much and it seems unfair to choose. I hope we can still be friends.

Purrs, Mattingly

Puss-in-Boots said...

Dragonheart, you are very photogenic! And your mom and dad must love you very much to spend all that time making sure you stay healthy.

I think you are a cute cat (I'm in touch with my feminine side, here) and quite lucky not to have fur. I have long fur and have to be dosed with stuff so I don't get hairballs. My companion has to keep me brushed because I get all sorts of stuff in my long fur and I get so hot in the summer!

I had all my fur shaved off last year when I was in hospital, and I loved it! I felt so free so I quite envy you in a way. But we both have our problems whether with fur or without, don't we?

But don't take any notice of those nasty people, they're obviously not cat lovers. My companion thinks you're just beautiful.



Kimo and Sabi said...

Wow - you has a complicated life!

Ivan from WMD said...

Mean people are just mean. You are a very handsome boy.

Eimi said...

That is a neat list!! I didn't know anything about sphinxes and they seem neat. I do remember a friends episode where Rachel bought one and it was really nasty! She sold it to gunther in the end. :p

Skeezix the Cat said...

This was a vary informutiv list, Dragonhart! I'd kinda like the Food Lady to git me a Sfinx cat as a pet!

Skeezix the Cat said...

Dragonheart, I feel vary vary vary sad that yer feelings were hert in the Mr Litterbox contest and I cannot ixpress to yoo how in awe I am of yoo, and how much we all love yoo. Heer is the apolojy I posted on Zeus' site:

"I am truly truly sorry for my kontribyooshun to this hole mess. Chey was rite on: I was just being silly and only wunted to cancel owt the ballot-stuffing votes in the same manner as they were enterd ... I did not in any way meen for it to be kut-throte. I am vary vary sad that many of my good frends may have bin hert or slighted in the process.

"Like yoo, Zeus, I will probably shut down my blog -- for me, becuz this nastiness violates the hole reezin I blog, wich is to have fun and make frends.

"I hereby conseed my krown to Beau and apolojize to everywun I may have offended or slighted, and espeshully, I apolojize to yoo, Zeus, hoo, like me, was only trying to have sum fun."

Dragonheart, I apolojize frum the bottum of my hart that yoo were hert and upset as were many others (yes, I got plenty of hate male). Becuz the last thing I wunt to do is make other cats feel bad, and that in tern makes me feel vary vary vary bad, I'm going to step owt of the blogosfeer so that I don't hert anybuddy else's feelings ever agin. I cannot undo the hert I cawzed yoo and others, but I can take whutever steps nessessary to enshur it never happins agin. My hart is broken.

I hope one day yoo can look upon me agin as yer frend.

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Interesting facts about you!

Thanks for visiting my TT and having your Mom answer my questions.

Just think, if she were a Sphynx, she wouldn't even have to shave her legs twice a week!

Tara said...


I'm a bit behind in my blog checking. This was a great list! I really enjoyed it.

But seeing Skeezix's response to you makes me very sad. I can't believe how out of hand this all got!


Mr. Hendrix said...

OK I posted about the other thing on your Friday post. This one is a belated TT comment. I took 3 things away from this.
1. Man, you are like a classic car,lotsa upkeep to keep it running well and shiny
2. More claw trimming! More claw trimming! I just couldn't deal with it. I just *runs, hides in the closet and finishes post from there)
3. Remember that old saying "Mean People Suck." Remember, there are people who don't like cats at all so there is obviously no accounting for taste......

Anonymous said...

Dragonheart, I think you're beautiful. And you sound like such a sweetiepie kitty!

Chairman Mao sends purrs! :)

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

Blogger ate my first post!

We loved your list and learned a lot. Momma says it isn't kitties that are cruel, it is their furless ones. She had a mean furless one experience, check our blog tomorrow.


Unknown said...

This list is so incredible! Thanks for educating us! I have to say he is such a cutie!

Aloysius said...

And I thought I was high-maintainance because I have to get brushed every day! That's nothing compared to your grooming regimen.

Madness, Trouble, Squish and Milkbone said...

Oh Dragonheart, we think you are adorable. We always like seeing picures of you, 'cause under our furs we are all Dragonhearts. Mom thinks that you are just facinating.
And Madness's belly is shaved from her operation, and she calls it her "dragonbelly". We suspect she doesn't want the hair to grow back.