Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cats on Tuesday: Questions Answered

Cats on Tuesday In this week's version of Cats on Tuesday, I answer the questions I have been asked for the past month or so.

Have my humans ever visited The Netherlands?
  • My dad has been there several times with work, and he's seen some of the Canadian War Graves and Second World War sites there. My mom hasn't been there yet.
Am I excited about my little brother arriving just before Christmas?
  • Oh yes! I can't wait to have someone to play with, wrestle with, cuddle with, and teach! I love playing and cuddling with my humans, but we Sphynx are very social cats and we love having others to interact with.
Will my little brother's eyes stay blue?
  • Yes they will! As I've mentioned, he's a Seal Point Sphynx, which means his colouration is that of a Seal Point Siamese. So he will have blue eyes, just like Siamese do.
Will my little brother grow into his ears?
  • Sphynx are naturally "frootbats" - we have big ears. :) However, just like I did, he will grow into his ears somewhat, but he will still have large ears. The CFA Sphynx breed standard says: "EARS: large to very large. Broad at the base, open and upright."
How old is my little brother in these photos?
  • He's about 8 weeks old
Does he have a name yet?
  • Not yet. His breeder will give him his registered name, and once we know what it is, we'll see if it we want to use it as his daily use name as well. My registered name is HairNSkin Dragonheart, and before they got me, my humans wondered what they would call me that was shorter, but when I came to live with them, they found that Dragonheart suited me just fine! So it may be the same with my little brother. If not, we're thinking we'll either choose a name that "matches" mine theme-wise, like Merlin, or something Egyptian, like Ramses. But we'll see. I'm sure he'll let us know his name when he gets here.
When will my little brother arrive?
  • Right now, my humans are hoping to pick him up on December 22nd, if that date works out with the breeder. My dad will have two weeks off, starting then, so both my humans will be home to make sure we both get lots of attention and are properly introduced.
Does my mom scrapbook in paper too?
  • No, my mom only does digital scrapbooking. Paper requires too much "stuff" and is very expensive! Digital is so versatile, and much less expensive. My mom also worked for many years as a web designer and web projects manager, so she has "played around" a lot with graphics software and she loves doing it.
Do I have a coat to wear in the winter?
  • I have a couple of sweaters, but they are from last year, so I've outgrown them. They should fit my little brother this winter. Honestly, though, I don't really need them. My fast Sphynx metabolism helps to keep me warm, and, if I'm a little cold, I will burrow under the covers, or find a nice warm lap to curl up in. The rule of thumb is this: if a human is comfortable going around without a sweater on, then a Sphynx will be fine. If a human needs a sweater to be warm, a Sphynx probably will too, or will want a warm lap or other warm spot to curl up in.
How did my humans meet?
  • This is an interesting story. One of my mom's friends was marrying one of my dad's cousins. My dad had just come back from a peacekeeping mission in Bosnia, and was on his way to Kingston, Ontario, for a four-month military course. Kingston is about 2 hours from where the wedding was taking place (Wakefield, Quebec), and the wedding was the weekend before his course was due to start, so he was going to be in the area anyhow. My mom was living and working in Ottawa at the time, and Wakefield is not far from Ottawa (about a half hour drive). So my humans met at the wedding, and really enjoyed talking with each other and dancing at the wedding. At the end of the night, my dad was smart enough to ask my mom for her phone number! The next four months, while my dad was on course in Kingston, they saw each other every other weekend, or so, since Ottawa is only about a 1.5 hour drive from Kingston. They very quickly fell in love, and the rest, as they say, is history!
So, that answers a bunch of your questions! Let me know if you have any more, and I'll answer them in a future edition of Cats on Tuesday. I hope you all have a great day!


Daisy said...

I liked reading the answers to all those questions, Dragonheart! I am so excited about the arrival of your baby brother, I'll bet you are just beside yourself with excitement. It will make for a very fun holiday season!

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

Big ear means good luck in our country culture~! So, I love big ear, compare to my sisters, I have big ears.
And I especially love seeing your big ears~!!! Hehehehee~!!!

I love your human met story, that is very sweet and really fate~!!!Life is really interesting~!!!!

Great to know that your brother almost come~!!!!! I also can't wait to see you guys playing around~!

Leslie said...

That was great! I enjoyed hearing about your family. :)

When I arrived I came up from Melbourne on a plane. They all met me at the airport and the big boy held me all the way home. Mom stared at me, and they made the Learner Driver drive the car.

Then Mom brought Gran down from Brisbane on a plane to mind me for a few days when she had to go back to work so I wasn't alone.

Parker said...

That was great! Wow - I bet having a little brother will be so exciting! Mommy met a tortie Sphynx at the airport Friday night, her name was Zilla. She was flying with her person to O Hi O to be in a cat show. She was very friendly and nice. She had an itty bitty meow! Mommy loved meeting her!

Ramses said...

Very interesting indeed and it's nice to know you like the name Ramses! ;) If you need My Mummy has a huge long list of Egyptian names you might also consider for your baby brother... :)

Luna und Luzie said...

It was nice to read the answers to all questions. You can tell it that I can understand it really good. Thank you !
It is always so interesting to read about sphynxs.
I´m also excited to read about the arrival of your little brother.
I think your parents give him a name that fits to your name and to you Dragonheart.
Have a nice day !

Mickey's Musings said...

Those are very interesting questions and answers.It is so nice to learn about you as I
had never seen a Spynx cat before and did not know much about your breed.
I also cannot wait to see your little brother!!!

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

Krissmouse is gonna be grate at yoor house, we just bet yoo are gonna love yoor little brofur rite off. Yoo guys can keep each other warm and play together and you can teach him all kinds of fun stuff.

The Misadventures Of Me said...

You have a short times befores your brothers there, thats great! I bet you can'ts wait to show him all your favorite spots.

Anonymous said...

Great answers to all those questions Dragonheart. We really like learning more about our friends. We can't wait to see you and your little brother together.

Rosemary B❤️ said...

These were great answers to these burning questions.
We are so excited for you and your beans!!!! A new baby is the best gift of all!
We are so glad that your mom and dad met... or maybe you would not have a blog today :-)

Purrrrs, Princess

Tazo said...

This is a cool idea, DH. I like learning new stuff about my friends. I can't wait to hear more about your baby brother. You guys are going to have so much fun!

Christine and FAZ said...

I can't wait to see piccies of your new baby brother when he arrives. I am waiting with baited breath (whatever that means). Purrs FAZ

Monty Q. Kat said...

I can't wait to meet your little brother! We should have a party for his coming home day!

LZ said...

Big ears are AWESOME!!! I love my big ears except they can get a bit chilly. I can't wait to meet your little brother!! Its funny that his breeder gets to name him because the LL got to choose my name (with my breeder's cattery first of course).


Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

We really liked reading today's entry in your blog, Dragonheart!
Mom lets us name ourselves, too. She usually knows after a few days. Sometimes she does not listen and has to change it. Anna Sue was Susie for a couple of days :o)

We are excited about your brofur!

~ Timothy

Celeste said...

Thank you for the answers

jenianddean said...

Wow! Thanks for answering all those questions. We are so excited to meet your little brother. I bet you are on pins and needles with excitement. And my mom loves your ears!!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat



That is a wonderful way to do Cats on Tuesday! I bet you are really excited about your baby brother!! How exciting, it won't be long now.


Queen Snickers, Empress and Princess Renna said...

Thats for all the info, Momma was wondering about the scrapbook part. That is neat your name is part of your "LONGNAME". So is my sister's: Touch of Katz Empress Queen Soreya, and we call her Empress.

Tybalt said...

What a great post! I loved reading all of your answers, especially the ones about your little brother and how your parents met.

I can't wait until your brother comes home and we learn more about him!

Captain Jack and Sir Dante said...

It was great learning more about your family. We are very excited to meet your little brother and we know you are too. We love to play together and we know you will love having a brother to play with too!

kuanyin333 said...

This was the sweetest q & a. Very interesting answers all of them. Congrats on your new baby arriving this Christmas!

The Meezers or Billy said...

those were great questions and answers!!

None said...

Your brother looks very cute! His eyes are the same blue as mine. I'm quickly growing into my ears, Im sure your brother will too (not that he has too, big ears are stylish!).

If I get a sister her name has already been picked! Apparently I've inspired more than one name.

My servants and I live in Hull, they lived in Ottawa for 3 years before coming to Hull and they are originally from the Montreal area.

Unknown said...

It was very interesting reading the answers to the questions people asked you.

I can't wait for your baby brother to arrive at your house - it is very exciting!

Sunny's Mommy said...

Just a little over a month and you'll have your new little brother with you. I can't wait myself!

That is a sweet story of how your Mom and Dad met.

Anonymous said...

Dragonheart, I can't believe how soon your humans will be picking up your new sibling! I am quite excited. I think you will like a meezer sphynx!

Jimmy Joe said...

Hey Big D, it was fun learning more stuff about you and your Beans! I bet your little brother is gonna be lots of fun. I can't wait to see more pictures of him soon.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

The Devil Dog said...

We liked reading all the answers to your questions. We also thought that was a great story about your parents!


Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

Deze are furry good answers. I enjoyed learning abouts you & why you haz da neat froot-bat tingz on your earzez. You iz one cool cat!!!

-Dr Tweety

Donny and Marie and Casey said...

Ooooh, your lil bro is so adorable!! I can't wait until he becomes a part of your family!


We like the how-your-mom-met-your-dad story...it's so romantic!

~Donny and Marie

Just Ducky said...

Very informative DragonHeart. Nice to know more about your beans and your new little brother.

PB 'n J said...

Thanks for sharing - we're really excited for your new brother!

Dorothy said...

Wow, you're ilttle brother looks pink. I'm glad you are getting a companion like yourself.

I enjoyed reading the answers to those questions.

Just Sharlene and the Spice Cats said...

Oh dear. I cant wait to see photos of your little brother!

Ellen Whyte said...

Christmas is going to be fun with a new young friend!

Andree said...

Wow, baby's ears are big! Are they proportionally larger than Dragonheart's? It's hard to tell with grown up mancat and little babycat. I repeat: do NOT call him Charlie (I can tell you won't from your choices, but this is a serious thing!!) And the story about how your humans met is just so sweet. I'm glad you told us.


Forty Paws said...

That was very informative DH! And such a romantic way for your Mom and Dad to meet!

Luf, Us

Samantha & Mom said...

Oh Dragonheart, your little brother is so cute! We can hardly wait to meet him. You must be so excited. hanks for sharing the answers to questions people ask. Your Mom and Dad's story is so cool!
Your FL furiends,

Mr. Hendrix said...

Great answers Dragonheart! It is nice to know more about you. The story of how your parents met is sweet. Very romantic.

I can't wait to see you and your brother playing and snuggling together. What fun!!

The Crew said...

Wow! Santa will be bringing you the best present ever.

Anonymous said...

I adore your love story about your dad and mum! I didn't know you will have a brother at home D. I really enjoy for you! Life is always better and funny when you are two, together!