Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Something new in the house!

So my humans brought something strange and new into the house. It's not very big, but it's green. It kind of looks like some of the trees outside, but it has no smell, and no taste. My human dad doesn't like me chewing on it. But I had to find out what it was!

Dragonheart and the Christmas Tree

(Click the photo for a larger version)

Next, my humans put these glowing bulbs on the green thing. Sometimes they glowed, and then they would stop glowing. Very odd. They then hung a bunch of long, dangling stuff on the green thing (the tree?), and for some strange reason, they didn't want me playing with it! But they were all shiny and sparkly and dangling - just the kind of things I like to play with!

After that, my humans put some balls (I know what those are!) on the green thing. Again, they didn't want me playing with them. Tell me, what good are balls if you can't play with them? Silly humans. Finally, they put a nice, soft blanket around the base of the green thing.

Dragonheart and the Christmas tree

My humans said that this is just a small green thing (I think they called it a Christmas tree.) They told me they have a bigger one, that I'll see in a couple of years when we are in Canada. They were telling me something about lights, and how their bigger one has these lights pre-installed, but because the power supply (I think that's what they called it) is different here in Germany (my humans are from Canada) they couldn't use their big tree here. So since we'll only be in Germany for three years, they decided to buy a small tree, instead of spending a lot of money on a big tree that they'll only use three times. Makes sense to me - it means they have more money to buy me toys and food!

Dragonheart and the Christmas tree


Lux said...

I like your tree a lot, Dragonheart! Can I teleport over and play with you under it since we don't have one yet (and Mom doesn't know if she trusts me enough to put one up)?

I'll be good. I promise. (Dangly things, huh?)

sammawow said...

We really like your tree. We love the dangly things too. Our tree is in the living room but it's still just a tree, not a Christmas tree yet. But there are lots of boxes in there with shiny balls and sparkly stuff. We can't wait until it goes on the tree!

China Cat & Willow

Catzee said...

Ya gotted a tree too!!!! An' yur peoples say they come bigger than that?????? I'm furry impressed.

Anonymous said...

Drangonheart we finks your tree is vurry purr-ty. We don't have our tree yet. Ours is still pacted in North Carolina. Meowmize has a plan to get us somefing for a tree though. Have fun playing under yur tree, hehe. - Snowy

Anonymous said...

Our tree is being built... the balls are fun to play with but some break. You look very cute with the tree.

Mia & Ghost

Anonymous said...

We have a large and a small tree. I think you need a lovely red carpet under that tree to really make it nice for our, Dragonheart.

LZ said...

Yours doesn't look as scary as ours. Ours almost touches the ceiling. You are VERY VERY cute Dragonheart, I just want to snuggle with you to keep you extra warm!


Unknown said...

Be careful, Dragonheart. That thing's a lot bigger than you and we don't want it to fall on top of you. Also, don't bite the wires!

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Everyone is getting these! We have an old ratty one, but it just stays in the same place! I must talk to my Meowm about getting a new one!



Yu have a beautiful tree to look at (and play wif) this christmas. We have 6 trees up in our house this year. Momma went tree happy.


Madness, Trouble, Squish and Milkbone said...

Great pictures of you and your tree.

Anonymous said...

It's a perfect size for you!