Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Big Adventure

First of all, many thanks to everyone for their well wishes, purrs, and positive thoughts over the past few days. I really appreciate it. You are all the greatest friends a cat could have. Thank you for all your wonderful messages and comments.

So my adventure began Sunday evening. My humans gave me my evening feeding of stinky goodness a little early. I wasn't complaining. About an hour later they took my crunchy food away! I wasn't too upset at the time, since my belly was full. But later that evening, when I went looking for some food, there was none to be had.

Aside from that, I slept through the evening with my humans until the food alarm went off the next morning. My human dad woke up, and got out of bed, but as he was getting ready for work he didn't feed me! I figured he must have forgotten so I went to the door of the food storage room and meowed to be fed. Dad ignored me. So I meowed a little louder. He still ignored me. So I went over to where my food dishes normally are, and where my water bowl still was, and meowed some more. That had no effect, so I went and rubbed against my dad's legs. He reached down to pet me, but he didn't feed me.

So I went back to the bedroom and jumped up on the bed. I walked all over my mom and meowed, then stuck my nose in her face. She reached out to pet me, murmured some words, then got out of bed. But she didn't feed me. So I meowed louder. Both humans were now ignoring my requests for food.

My humans then left, but mom was back fairly soon. I rubbed against her legs and meowed for food again. Once again, she ignored me. Then she took my fleece blanket and put it in the travel box. Then she took my cozy sleeping bag, put me in the sleeping bag, and put me and the bag into the travel box. Then we walked out to the car. I decided I must be on my way to the Tierärztin (vet).

A brief note here on German grammar and vocabulary. The generic term for vet in German is der Tierarzt. A male vet is der Tierarzt. A female vet is die Tierärztin. My vet is a woman, so she's eine Tierärztin.

When mom took my travel box out of the car at the vet's, I was very glad for my cozy sleeping bag and my warm fleece, as it was rather cold out during the walk from the car to the vet's. When we arrived at the vet's office, the friendly vet tech, who thinks I'm adorable, told my mom to bring me right into the room with the shiny table. My mom set my box down on the table, told me Alles ist okay (everything is okay), spoke a few words with the nice vet tech, pet me as best she could through the bars on the travel box, and left me there! She left me all alone!

Fortunately, the nice vet tech took good care of me. She took me out of my travel box, and put my fleece in a cage. Then she lifted me out of my sleeping bag, put me in the shiny table, and drew some blood. She then put me and my sleeping bag in the cage with my fleece, and left me there for a short while.

She came back a little later and brought me into another room with a shiny table. The vet was there too. They stuck me with a needle, and pretty soon I was feeling drowsy. I quickly fell asleep.

When I woke up, I was back in the cage with my sleeping bag and fleece, and still feeling rather drowsy. My behind felt a little sore, and my "goodie bag" felt a little different than it had before. The vet tech was in to check on me, and I slept on and off for a while.

Later on, the vet tech came and took me out of my cage. I was curled up right in the bottom of my sleeping bag, so she picked me up in the bag, and wrapped my fleece around the bag. She brought me out, past the cages and the room with the shiny table. I was so happy to see my mom and dad standing there! The vet tech handed me to my mom, who kissed my head and hugged me. Her hands were cold, so she kept me in my sleeping bag so she wouldn't make me cold. The vet tech went to get my travel box, then my dad and the vet tech took care of some paperwork while my mom held me and kissed my head. When my dad and the vet tech were done, the vet tech came over to pet me and say goodbye, and then my mom put me in the travel box. My mom and dad then took me out to the car.

On the drive home, my mom sat next to me in the back seat. She opened the lid of the travel box, and pet me through the opening in the lid. I was still rather drowsy, so I just curled up in my sleeping bag and let me pet me. I was so happy that my mom and dad came back for me.

When we arrived home, my dad opened up my travel box, and I immediately ran upstairs to my room. I was STARVING and wanted some food. But there was no food there! Only a little bit of water. So I went to use the litter box, then drank a bit of water, then headed downstairs where my humans were. I started meowing, to let my humans know I was hungry. I went over to sit on my dad, meowed, jumped off of him and went over to mom, meowed. They both ignored my meows. I went over to dad, he pet me, and I meowed some more. Mom sat down at the laptop (I understand she was updating my blog for all of you) and I jumped into her lap, and meowed.

My meows weren't having any effect, and I was still feeling a little sleepy, so, with both my humans sitting on the couch and watching TV, I settled myself into my mom's lap, which was covered with my fleece, and let both mom and dad pet me. I slept for a bit.

When mom went upstairs to go to bed, I followed her, hoping she would now give me some food. No luck. My meows had no effect. So I settled into bed with mom. She was reading one of those book-things, but I curled up in her lap and let her pet me.

Eventually dad came to bed, and I settled down between both of them. It was nice and warm under the covers, and although I was still hungry, I was also sleepy.

Thankfully, when the food alarm went off this morning, dad fed me stinky goodness, although it was only half of a normal-sized serving. It was so yummy though! He also put me crunchy food back out. About an hour later, he fed me the other half of the serving. After I ate, since dad had left for work, I went back to bed with mom.

When mom got up, she gave me another half-serving of stinky goodness. This was a new flavour I'd never had before: chicken and shrimp! Real chicken breast and real baby shrimp. Yummy! Mom says I'll get the other half a little later.

After eating, I followed mom downstairs, where we showed me my new toys! I have a treat ball that has yummy cheese-flavoured treats inside it! And two new balls to play with! So you were all right - I still have my toy balls to bat around on the floor and play Fußball and hockey with! My mom also showed me the bird feeder outside in our backyard, so I can have more birdies to watch when they come to eat!

My goodie sack definitely feels different, and I'm still a little more drowsy than usual, but other than that, I'm feeling fine. After I finish this entry, I'm going to curl up in my mom's lap and sleep while she studies. She's studying Anatomy and Physiology, because she's going to be a Physiotherapist. I'll also get around to visiting everyone who has left me a message over the past few days at some point today.

Thanks again to everyone for their well wishes. You are all the best!


Daisy said...

Wow, that is a very interesting story. I would have been very scairt, but you were quite brave! It's a good thing you had your sleeping bag with you. I am glad you are feeling better today!

Around Your Wrist said...

thanks for your story, dragonheart! i'm glad you're doing ok.

it must have hard and weird to have your mom and dad not feed you for awhile. i hope it worked, though, and that you didn't get sick.

i'm glad you got a new toy or two, and that you have birdies to watch out the window.

best wishes to your mom as she studies a&p. it's some of the hardest--and most interesting--stuff she'll study.

stay warm and cozy (so far no more snow, but it's still early yet).

your 'auntie suzanne'

Puss-in-Boots said...

Ooooh Dragonheart, I know why you went to the vet! I had the same op when I was your age. But don't despair, you'll be fine and your goodie bag won't take long to feel better. Just a word of warning though, don't bother trying to find a girlfriend, 'cos things just aren't going to work! Trust me on this.

Glad to hear you're doing ok, though, Dragonheart. With that name, you have a lot to live up to!

Bye for now

Purrrs. Oscar.

Gattina said...

Ouf (sigh) it went smooth, I thought about you when I were in my bed, thinking about you singing loud and claiming for food, but apparently you behaved very good ! I will tell this Arthur.
So now you feel better and a little lighter, lol ! What I cannot anderstand is what your Tierärztin said about your breed. I think that must have been only in Bavaria, they are all a little strange and not very well liked by the rest of the Germans. They have there own laws and also this awful language which nobody (except Bavarians) can understand ! Even movies have to be subtitled, when they speak bavarian and even their german has an ugly accent and strange words!
Lucky you getting so many toys ! You can play and tomorrow everything is forgotten ! Küsschen !

Hot(M)BC said...

What a story, Dragonheart. We're all real glad you're doing ok. Sorry we couldn't get by yesterday, but we were thinking of you and sending purrs n kitty mojo n stuff.
Your bud Pepi (and all those sisfurs of mine too)

The M's said...

Glad to hear that you are doing well, and that you gots new toys. Munch is going to have to have the same surgery as you pretty soon. He is glad to hear that its not that bad.

Christine and FAZ said...

Welcome home. What an adventure! Don't like the bit about not eating but the rest doesn't sound too bad. Viele Gruesse. FAZ

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Glad you finally got to eat.

Happy recuperating and playing with your new toys!!

Lux said...

Oh Dragonheart, no food! For years, it sounds like! How could you stand it? You're a better cat than me.

I'm really glad you're home and that, other than the food thing, all went well.

Napping sounds good!

O30T said...

So good to hear you are safe and sound and have a full belly again!

What an adventure ... I had my p'z and q'z removed so long ago I don't even remember .... but your story here tweeked a loooooong distant memory of no food for what felt lik YEARS!!!

Anonymous said...

Alles ist ganz gute!

Those kisses on the head from mom can be the best ever, ever. Even my human daughters love them, and they are adults now :-)

today is going to be the very best day for you!

(I love A+P, it was my fav subject back in the day... I became an RN, but I do nto do that anymore. Good luck to your mom. PT is awesomecool)

<3 you are loved

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

Oh, Puss-in-Boots is wrong, us ladeez luv da nooter boys. Yoor konsidered "safe" by our mommas::giggle::~Sadie
Woah, I remember dat no food thing! Dat wuz da worse part of da hoohaektomee. Dang, yoo were furry brave. I cried like a baby whin mom left me. She akshooaly had to come get me early cuz I woodent stop crying whin I wook up at da vet place. Da ladeez der felt sorry fur me so dey called mom to come back and get me.

Anonymous said...

I`m glad your visit at the vet went well :)

Myst and Blackie said...

Wow, Dragonheart... you were very brave. Sorry about the starving but it sounds like you Mom & Dad are making up for it now. Mom took German in college & is going around saying der, das, die... that is all the grammer she can remember!

LZ said...

Wow! What a great story Dragonheart. You really told us every detail and it sounds like it wasn't so bad and now you're getting back to normal sans goodie sack. Really, you won't miss it. Mine looks a little funny because its dark brown and the area around it is cream colored.

P.S. Do you have a German keyboard? I ask because Meowmy took German for a semester and she says it was SO hard to type in all of the oom-lattes (I think that's what she said, all I heard was my name) and funky "ss" symbol thingy.

Unknown said...

We all be glad youare ok, Dragonheart! And you got new toys! And treats!!!

Glad you are home and on your way to a full recovery!!


Anonymous said...

We're glad it's over Dragonheart and that you are feeling well. Sounds like you get quite the wrap up when you go out. I wish people were as considerate of me...

Mo and The Purries said...

Oh, Dragonheart, thanks for the report!
We're so glad you are getting some stinky goodness again (wow -- shrimp!) 'cuz that means you're getting recovered from the vet visit!
Stay warm & get lots of naps (in between playing with all those great toys, of course!)
Your friends,
Daphne & Chloe
and Jazper (who says that even though your goodie bag is different, you still can have an online girlfriend!)

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

So glad to read your story, very good account, very interesting.

Just glad you are back home, safe and healthy. You get lots of rest and attention (use this for all it's worth) and take care.

mister jeter harris, hizself said...

wow ... wutta storee!
i'm glad yer back an good az noo!
i would like to know da followin:
wut kinda food did u get?
and ... i would like to see u in yer sleepin bag.

Mr. Hendrix said...

Wow, you sound like you were really brave. For sure when you meow for your food and the beans don't respond, a trip to the vet is coming up!
You'll feel better soon, I had the same operashun but when I was older (approx 2 years when I was rescued by mommy) and you'll be sore a couple of days and then you'll be back to normal!
The new food sounds delishus!

Susie said...

Good to hear everything went well (except for the part where they didn't feed you!)

Shaggy and Scout said...

Quite the adventure Dragonheart! It also sounds like your vets are very kind and gentle. We bet you are bouncing around & playing with your toys today!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are doing well after your trip to the vet! My 3 lovelies all made that visit when they were young and now are very happy and have forgotten it!

And I am so glad you finally got to eat. I am one human that hates to not have food when demanding for it!

Madness, Trouble, Squish and Milkbone said...

Oh we are very glad that your operation went well. And that you eventually fed! :-)

Anonymous said...

all that starving stuff sounds horrybull - we're glad that's over and your "procedure" went well. purrs!

Tara said...

Thanks for visiting my bloggie Dragonheart. You were so brave! My operation is scheduled for next week, and I'm really nervous about that food thing! Tara

TorAa said...

What a genious and brave storytelling Cat. Can't be easy to speak openly about such a definite Event.Wonder what he will say about meeting his girlfriends again?

Thanks for sharing a great story.

Fat Eric said...

Phew! Glad the whole thing went smoothly and now you are getting fed again. You sound like you coped with the trama well. Do you think they make fleecy sleeping bags in my XL size?

Andree said...

That's a cool story! Poor little goodie-bag!

Unknown said...

Happy recuperating and welcome at home!
¸.-´¸.-♥´¨) ¸.-♥¨)
(¸.-´ (¸.-` ♥Luna ♥.-´¯`-.♥

Just Ducky said...

Good that you are home and feeling OK. Just get as much treats and toys as you can from this.

The Meezers or Billy said...

wow, i should haf made mommy leaf my fleece blankie wif me today. We hopes that you if better today.

Piggy and Grover said...

Dragonheart, we love you and know you will feel better soon. We both had our, um, goodie bags (hee!) tinkered with years ago and we think you told the story perfectly. We promise you won't even remember this when you are older. We'll be thinking of you!

Katnippia said...

We are happies that eferyfings went well. I stinks when you can't have any foodies for a whole day. -Sia

Jake and Bathsheba said...

We've been away from our computer for a few days and didn't realize you were undergoing such an operation! We're glad you came through just fine. Now milk it for all it's worth and get as much sympathy and stinky goodness from your family as you can.

Best wishes,

DK & The Fluffies said...

We're glad you are feeling better!

Jack, Persephone, Tenzing and Lancelot said...

Oh I'm so glad to here it! I'm always glad to here when a bay-cat is healthy after getting his boy-bits taken out, since I got sick with pee problems myself the day after!

Thank you too for all you good wishes and purrs! I feel much better!

Anonymous said...

Wow you sure had a very busy day.I'm so gald your feeling better.

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Wow! What an adventure! I am glad you are okay! It is terrible enough when we don't get food, but hten to have to be poked and prodded is just almost to much to bear!