Monday, February 12, 2007

My Trip to Switzerland

So last Saturday morning my humans and I left for Switzerland. My mom put my harness on me, and then put me in the travel box. Then we walked out to the bigger moving box on wheels, that my humans call a car. I wasn't happy to be in my travel box, but once we were in the car, my mom let me out of the box and sat with me in the back seat. Since I had my harness on, she let me explore the entire back of the car. She wouldn't let me up front where dad was though, since she said he needed to concentrate because he was driving. My mom showed me that I had food, water and a small litter box in the back seat.Dragonheart in his cat carrierAfter thoroughly exploring the back of the car, I spent the first part of the trip curled up on mom's lap. We stopped a couple of times, and mom made sure I saw my food, water and litter box, but I didn't want to eat, drink or use the litter box. When we stopped, either mom or dad always stayed in the car with me. They even ate lunch in the car to be with me! After a while, I climbed up onto the back of the seat behind mom, and curled up there. My mom put my fleece on top of me so I would stay warm.Dragonheart in the carAfter a long while, my mom put me back in the travel box and carried me up a whole bunch of stairs. At the top of the stairs we entered into a new place, that mom and dad said was our chalet in Switzerland. My mom let me out of the box, showed me my water, food and litter box, and then I explored. I had to investigate the entire chalet, poking into every corner and crevice, and exploring under, on, and over all of the furniture.Our Chalet in SwitzerlandFireplaceFireplaceThat first evening, and every evening afterwards, my humans made something they called a fire in the fireplace. The fire was wonderful! It was very beautiful, with all kinds of pretty colours: oranges, yellows, reds and even blues, all constantly moving! I was fascinated! And best of all, the fire gave off a lot of heat. The warmth felt really good on my skin. The fireplace was my favourite part of the chalet.
Dragonheart Enjoying the FireSaturday evening, and all day Sunday, my humans stayed in the chalet with me. They didn't want to leave me alone, since I was in such a new place. That was very nice of them. The chalet had one room with two tiny beds that we didn't spend much time in. I heard my humans say that it would confuse me if they slept in separate beds, since I wouldn't be able to curl up between them. So in the room with the fireplace, they took the couch and turned it into a bed! That was really neat - it unfolded into a very comfortable bed, and that's where we all slept for the week.Dragonheart sleepingThe chalet was very nice, although it was smaller than our place in Munich, and my litter box was much too small. I tried to tell my humans that I needed a bigger box. I would jump in, dig a bit, squat but do nothing, and repeat this several times. Finally, when I didn't have any other choice, I dug and dug and dug and dug and then finally did my business. I wasn't happy with this small litter box though.

On Monday my humans left the chalet for a few hours. They walked all the way down the HUGE hill to the valley to buy some groceries, and then walked all the way back up! That was a really long way.
View of the valley from our ChaletOn Tuesday my humans said they went out for a run, and on Wednesday they went horseback riding. My mom and dad said that they were very happy that they didn't ski, since all of the ski runs in the valley where we were staying were closed due to the lack of snow. But the weather was perfect for my humans, since they love to run and had to get a few runs in while we were in Switzerland since they are training for something called a marathon, which is running a really long way. The weather was so nice that one day, when it was +15°C, they let me out on the balcony in my harness.
Dragonheart exploring the balconyThe view from the balcony was wonderful! We could see all kinds of mountains, and look down into the valley below us.
View from our Chalet balconyMy humans spent a lot of time relaxing in the chalet with me. I was very happy to have them there. I enjoyed lying in the sun, or looking out of the windows, checking out all that was happening outside.
Dragonheart perched on a chairOn Thursday my humans went running again. Then on Friday they went paragliding. My dad said that meant they were flying like birdies! I would have liked to have seen that. I stayed in the chalet, and kept an eye on the place for them.
Dragonheart in the chaletOn Saturday my humans packed up, put me in my harness and then in my travel box, and we drove back to Munich. Like on the way to Switzerland, I spent part of the trip perched on the seat behind my mom, and part of the trip asleep in her lap. I was happy to arrive home, and when my mom brought me in the house, I went straight to my litter box, my nice, large, familiar litter box!

My humans were very happy with my behaviour during the trip. I was very good in the car, since I spent most of the time sleeping, and I had fun in the chalet (except for the tiny litter box). I hope I can travel with them again in the future.

You can check out some more photos from our trip by clicking on either one of the small photos below. The first set of photos are of me in Switzerland, and the second set are of everything else concerning our trip. You can also click on any of the photos above to see a larger image.

Image hosted by
by Caylynn

Image hosted by
by Caylynn


Sasha said...

Hello Dragonheart, what a beautiful and distinctive looking cat you are! You look so composed too. You must be very confident to do all that travelling. I had to fly once in a plane by myself when I was ill. Lynettea was very worried about me.
I love the photos of your trip and I will go and look at your humans web site. I like the pretty border at the top of your blog. It is a very nice looking blog. We are still trying to work out how to do the features of ours.

Daisy said...

Dragonheart, what a great little traveler you were. I am very proud of you. So well behaved, especially for such a young kitty. Your trip sounds fantastic! And those mountains are just breathtaking. And it sounds like yer humans did a lot of really fun things. I am so happy you enjoyed yer trip, but I am even happier you are back! Thanks for the great travel report, I almost feel like I was there with you!

mister jeter harris, hizself said...

deer dragonheart,
i havta studee yer blog in full tonite wen mi mom comez home frum da skool. i peroozed da pikshurz an i can't wate to reed da wordz.
sumday ... maybe i'll take a rode trip wid mi mom an dad ...
or maybe not.

Anonymous said...

Oooo -a BARE NEKKID KITTY!!!! I jes luff you guys!! You are so smooth n warm feelin, altho I know you are always cold!! I had BNKs where I used to live on de net, but dey stopped comin kuz dere mamas werked n kuz dey dint like de Katbord no more kuz it got meen.
SO I am glad to have BNK furrends again!!!
I am a baybee blogger n hope to visit lots n lots of my new furrends!!!
I wouldnt like to go on a trip, but I am old n never liked goin anywhere ennyhow. But it sounds like you n yer purrrents had a furry good time n you were warm enuff.
Luff, LOis

Anonymous said...

What an experience!!
I think you had a successful first adventure traveling.
I love Switzerland.
I am thrilled tht you are back home with your big litter box. Next time you travel... I think you should insist on having more room provided in the car for your big litter box.
Maybe your mom and dad should get a bigger car :-D heehee
I am going to look at these pictures.
It is so good to see you again Dragonheart :-) You are so beautiful!

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

It reely sounds like yoo are a furry good traveler. I coodent do it, I don't like da car and offen frow up. But it looks like yoo hadded a good time~Zippy

Christine and FAZ said...

Wow, what a great holiday DH! Glad you had a good time but we missed you and are very glad you are back home writing your blog. I especially love the pictures of you in the car and the one on the balcony in your harness. FAZ
p.s. strange litter trays are no fun!

Shaggy and Scout said...

We are glad to see you again too DH. Daisy is right, you are a great traveler! Lots of kitties don't get into that. You humans were so thoughtful to make sure you were comfy and ok before they went off to do their stuff. And WOW what a lot of stuff they did!! Welcome home DH & Humans!

Unknown said...

We missed you Dragonheart! Glad you and your humans had a good vacation!! We luved the pictures too!!

Gattina said...

Welcome back Drachenherzchen ! I am surprised you wrote already yesterday. Apparently you were a model of a travelling cat and you behaved so good ! And even with your litterbox you managed it, I am sure Lisa would have done her business besides the box ! All the pictures of you are very cute and I especially like the picture of your mum with you in bed ! You both look so "gem├╝tlich" !
And what a great view you had on the mountains ! And now you are happy to be home again.
Did you put on some weight ??

Icon Baxter Bentley said...

Switzerland sounds and looks so beautiful! That is great that you can drive there! I am proud of you too little mancat! (I would have pee'd in the car) I hope you get to travel with them again, maybe you will get a passport!?! That would be a great way to keep track of your travels.
From your friend, Icon

Anonymous said...

I just viewed all of the pictures.
Der Schweiz is w├╝nderbar und sehr schon (I can't get the umlaut to work :-P)
these are beautiful pictures, they bring back a lot of memories.
I especially LOVE the ones of you.
You are a really sweetie (((hugs)))
I know you are loved. You look so happy :-)

Anonymous said...

Dragonheart that was a wonderful description of your trip. It sounds fantastic. I think you are right, the fireplace would be the best part!

The Meezers or Billy said...

sounds like a great trip!!! but being home is the bestest though.

sammawow said...

Your pictures are terrific and you are such a good traveler. We don't like going in the car but that might be because the only place we go to is the vet. Not fun like your vacation!

China Cat & Willow

Skeezix the Cat said...

Wow! Whut a grate rodetrip!!!! I can't wate till I git to go on anuther rode trip -- maybe I'll sugjest we go to Swizzerlund!

Forty Paws said...

We're glad your back! We missed you little guy. The pictures are wonderful and it sounds like you really had a great time. Thanks for the detailed report!

Luf, Us



That looked like a fantastic vacation. I bet your Mom and Dad really enjoyed their time in such a beautiful place. IT was great you were able to go with them.


Kimo and Sabi said...

Sounds like a furry excellent adventure! We may never get to Switzerland - our beans say they've already been - bummer. But we got to wee what it would be like, thanks to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dragonheart,

Sounds like you had a wonderful time
the photos are lovely :)

Dobby said...

Wow! That is furry neat! I wanna go for a trip!

My mommy says that she thinks yer pickshurs are beeeyoootiful, and she wishes that she could go to Switzy-land someday.

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Looks like you had lots of fun! Where in Switzerland did you go? Meowm wants to know if you were close to Zermatt and the Matterhorn.

OreotheCat said...

I bet it was fun to go to Switzerland! I've never been out of my country! you are very beautiful by the way! and nice to meet you, my name is Oreo the Cat...visit me sometime, i would love to talk to a beautiful kitty like you!

Max said...

Way cool. I don't like being in the car though; I howl my food head off when the People make me get in it.

The fireplace looks nice. We have one but the People never set fire to it. Go figure.

Tara said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Mom and Dad do something very similiar to me when we got to our mountain house. My carrier, food, water, and a small litter box is in the back seat, but I spend a lot of time on Mom's lap. Fortunately, they have a full size litter box at our mountain house.

Mom like to run to, she has done several half runs you mom is training for, but never a full one. She says it takes just to much to train for that. I can't imagine why any one would run if they aren't chasing something!


Anita said...

Ohh fantastic trip!! I travel very much with my beans too.