Friday, March 23, 2007

Update on Tained Pet Food


ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - Rodent poison has been found in pet food blamed for the deaths of at least 16 cats and dogs, a spokeswoman for the State Department of Agriculture and Markets said Friday.

Spokeswoman Jessica Chittenden would not identify the chemical or its source beyond saying it was a rodent poison. State agriculture officials scheduled a news conference Friday afternoon to release laboratory findings from tests on the pet food conducted this week.

The deaths led to a recall of 60 million cans and pouches of pet food produced by Menu Foods and sold throughout North America under 95 brand names. There have been reports of kidney failure, some fatal, in pets that ate the recalled brands. The company has confirmed the deaths of 15 cats and one dog.

Menu Foods last week recalled "cuts and gravy" style dog and cat food. The recall sparked concern among pet owners across North America. It includes food sold under store brands carried by Wal-Mart, Kroger, Safeway and other large retailers, as well as private labels such as Iams, Nutro and Eukanuba.

You can find the article here.


Shaggy and Scout said...

WOW! We read it here first! Good journalism Dragonheart. You are right on top of things!

Artsy Catsy said...

Thanks, Dragonheart, for this news! We were eating this poison catfood, so we're watching the news closely. We've posted some more news links on our blog.


MaoMao said...

Thank you, Dragonheart! You're a really great kitty reporter. You got the scoop! And I'm not talking about the litterbox, either.

Purrs and kittyhugs!

Anonymous said...

Dragonheart, I don't know if this is sold in Canada, but it is sold in the United States. The food is called Solid Gold. They serve primarily dogs but have a feline formula. The creators of this company owned Great Danes and they actually researched what the Germans were feeding Danes because those dogs lived longer than the typical Dane in the US. It may be close to the quality of food you are eating in Germany now.

Alas, I don't believe they have a canned version though. However, our naturopaths recommend it highly and we read about it on their website. It's called Solid Gold Katz N Flocken

Tara said...

Makes me furry mad....

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

Dear Dragonheart. The TV news here has been talking about this all day. It has been such a scary time. I sure hope you and all the other cats (and dogs too, sorry) here in BloggerVille are okay. I am so happy that I don't feed that kind of food to my cat or dog.