Saturday, January 21, 2017

Caturday Art: Winter

Hello friends!  We are sorry we haven't been posting this week or visiting our friends.  If you follow Merlin's Facebook page, you will know that our mom started her new job this week.  Since she is still adjusting to her schedule, she hasn't had time to help us on the computer.  Hopefully as she settles in to the job and figures out her schedule, she'll have more time to help us again.

This week for Caturday Art with Athena we have another digital scrapbooking page.  The photo is from our visit with our mom's family over Christmas.

Made with Freezing from Ooh La La Scraps
In other news, Dragonheart could use some purrs today.  He goes to the vet today for some x-rays.  He is still congested and sneezing, and occasionally coughing, even after a ten-day course of antibiotics.  Since he has a heart murmur and mild/equivocal hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, they want to figure out what is going on before trying any other medications.  So he is going in for x-rays this morning.  We will update when we are back from the vet, and when we have some news on what they think is going on.  Thank you for any purrs, prayers, and positive thoughts.

Update: 1109 EST - We are back from the vet.  Dragonheart fortunately did not need to be sedated.  He took his "happy pill" - Gabapentin - and that was enough to keep him still for the x-rays.  The good news is that it does not look like he has pneumonia.  The bad news is that because he is still congested and having nasal discharge, he needs to take a different antibiotic for the next 14 days.  Hopefully this will clear things up.  Thanks again for all your purrs and prayers.

Update 2: 1446 EST - So we have the radiology report back.  Basically we are going to see how Dragonheart does on the new antibiotic, and if there's no improvement, we will add an antiviral on Tuesday.  Some highlights from the radiology report (note that Dragonheart is due for his heart scan in the spring, which is a good thing given some of the cardiac issues noted on the x-rays):
FINDINGS: There is pericardial fat accumulation best observed on the right lateral view.  Cardiac silhouette is moderately enlarged...  There is a mild bronchointerstitial pattern consistent with the previous diagnosis of feline asthma.  There is no evidence of cardiogenic pulmonary edema or bronchopneumonia.  CONCLUSIONS: –The mild bronchointerstitial pattern present within the lungs is consistent with the previous diagnosis of feline asthma.  There is no evidence of cardiogenic pulmonary edema or bronchopneumonia.  The upper airway pathology is likely the source of the patient's current clinical signs. –Compensated cardiomegaly most likely due to previously diagnosed hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. 
So while it's not great news, it's not horrible news either.  Thanks again for your purrs and prayers.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Friday, January 13, 2017

Frootbat Friday: Devi

Devi once again shows off her very expressive ears:

Dragonheart is being very good at taking his medicine (antibiotics and eye gel), but he's doing pretty much the same.  He's still sneezing and congested, but he's eating, drinking, and using the litterbox normally, so the vet is going to check in on him again on Monday.  If he hasn't improved by then, they may add an anti-viral medication.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thankful Thursday: Secret Paws

Today for Thankful Thursday with Brian we are thankful for our Secret Paws!  We are thankful for Mom Paula who organized Secret Paws, and for our Secret Paw, Savannah's Paw Tracks.

We know we are posting our Secret Paws rather late, but between USPS, Canadian Customs, and Canada Post, somehow the original package that Savannah sent us was held at customs for 10 days and then returned to her!  She then kindly re-sent the package.  It arrived on Tuesday (January 10th), but we didn't open it until yesterday because Tuesday evening our mom and dad were at the vet with Dragonheart.

We will post more on the Secret Paws blog later, but for now, here's some photos of our unwrapping!

Look at this big box!  Wow!

Look at all the presents!  We are lucky kitties!

Our mom had to remove all the ribbon before we started unwrapping, as Merlin was trying to eat the ribbon!

These all look very interesting!
We are good at helping to unwrap

Wow!  Look at all the great presents!  Three of our favourite toys: YEOWWW! Catnip toys; two packages of Orijen Freeze-dried treats, including Wild Boar - our favourite!; two feather mousies, a container of powerful catnip, a stocking filled with all kinds of toys, and two holiday sweaters!  Wow!  What great presents!

This was the lovely card we received from Savannah's Paw Tracks as well!

All the presents!  We are three lucky Sphynx!

And this is a beautiful pouch that was for our mom!  It's by Laurel Burch, who draws wonderful characters.  This cat one is awesome and will go great with the large bag our mom has by the same artist, but that has horses on it.
Thank you so much Savannah, TKS, and their mom Linda.  We couldn't have asked for a better Secret Paws package!  You rock!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tuxie Tuesday: Dragonheart

Hello all!  Dragonheart here.  I could use some purrs today.  I'm headed to the vet this afternoon.  You see, I've been sneezing and stuffed up for about a week.  At first we thought it was due to a new litter that we tried.  I have allergies and asthma, so we are normally careful about the litter we use, but our old litter, that we loved, was tracking through the house horribly now that we have hardwood floors, so we decided to try something new.  Well, that didn't work.  I started being stuffed up, so we went back to the old litter.  Unfortunately, that doesn't appear to have helped.  I'm still sneezing and sound very congested, so I'm off to the vet today.

Despite being congested, I'm still eating normally, so my mom and dad aren't too worried about me.  They just know I'm not very comfortable, because I almost sound like Darth Vader when I'm breathing.  Hopefully the vet will have something to help me.

We won't be going to the vet until 1600 (4 PM EST), but we will update the post when we are back.

Thanks for any purrs!

Update:  We are back from the vet.  The good news is that my temperature is normal.  As for the rest, well, the vet isn't sure if she's hearing an infection in my lungs, or if it's my asthma, so she's putting me on antibiotics for ten days, and I have to go back for a re-check next week to see what my lungs sound like.  I also have to have some moisture gel put in my eyes, as my eyes have some discharge (but fortunately it's not coloured discharge, so there's no eye infection).

I'm also supposed to get a "sauna" every day for 10-15 minutes a day.  Since we don't actually have a sauna (unlike our Finnish friends at, that means I get locked in the bathroom with my mom or dad when they soak in our soaker tub or take a hot shower, so that hopefully the steam will help with my congestion.

Thank you all for your purrs!

Monday, January 09, 2017

Mancat Meezer Movie Monday

Hello friends!  Merlin here with a movie, showing how Devi can be a pain in the buttocks.  Who do you think won?

If you have problems viewing the video, you can try viewing it on Youtube.

And for those of you who are not on Facebook, here's a great video of me playing with one of our holiday toys!