Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thoughts on Thursday

Thanks to everyone for their wonderful and caring thoughts yesterday, and for your continued purrs, prayers, and support.

Devi's skin swabs came back negative, so the next steps are a skin biopsy next Friday and a trial of a hypoallergenic diet.  Hopefully the diet transition will go smoothly, and we will all like the new food.  Unfortunately, because Devi does not like being restrained, she will have to be sedated for the biopsy. 

Dragonheart has a consult with the oncology department at the nearby veterinary college in August.  Although the pathology on his mass came back as benign, the oral surgeons at the small animal cancer centre are the ones with the knowledge and skill to aggressively excise the mass so it hopefully does not return.  In the meantime Dragonheart is on painkillers to deal with the discomfort from the mass.  (Oh, since we had a question about it:  the tooth that was causing the pain in the first place, and that was exposed, was extracted back in May when Dragonheart had his dental).

Here are some more photos of Dragonheart at the vet yesterday.

My tail is sticking out of the hole in the tunnel!

You can see our vet is AAHA accredited!
There are fishies at our vet!

Now on to the winners of Dragonheart's birthday contest!  Identifying the Dragonheart photos was clearly difficult!  It is also clear that having nekkids helps, as King Punapippuri of Pikku Punapippuri did the best job at identifying the correct photos.  He (and the rest of his clowder) win a digital scrapbook page made by our mom with their photos, both a 12 by 12 inch suitable for printing, and a 600 pixel page for web display.

Below you can find which photo belongs to which Sphynx.  No surprise that pretty much everyone knew that L belonged to Dragonheart, but the remainder were tricky!  You can also see from these photos that we aren't totally hairless - we have a little bit of fuzz (although Merlin has very, very little, and Devi has quite a bit, for a Sphynx at least).  We hope you had fun trying to guess who was who!  Thanks to everyone who played along!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wordy Wednesday: Dragonheart's turn at the vet

Update: 1430 EDT.  We are back from the vet.  Dragonheart's gum hyperplasia is definitely back, and for now they are giving him painkillers to make him comfortable.  Next step is a referral to an oral surgeon over at the local veterinary college small animal specialty clinic (where Merlin went for his biopsies and cancer diagnosis), and hopefully they would do one last, more aggressive surgery, that would take care of it for good.  We are going to start fundraising for that, so watch this space for details.

At the vet

At the vet

Update: 1205 EDT.  So no word on Devi's skin swabs from yesterday, and Dragonheart hasn't been to the vet yet, but the mom is here and needs to vent a bit, and this is the safest place.

I made the mistake of asking if anyone has any experience with gum hyperplasia on a Sphynx facebook group.  Instead of people answering my questions, I get attacked for what I feed my cats (as in we no longer feed raw, but we used to, and stopped on the advice of Merlin's oncologist and internal medicine vet, who are both located at one of the top veterinary colleges in the world, so we trust their advice).

Then I get attacked for not taking Merlin to a holistic vet, because they know someone whose Sphynx had their lymphoma cured by going to a holistic vet and switching to raw.  Well, I know that person and their Sphynx.  The lymphoma in that case was diagnosed through a blood test only, not a biopsy, so it wasn't a definitive diagnosis.

Second, you can't cure lymphoma.  It can go into remission, sometimes for years, but it won't be cured.

Third, I'm a registered dietitian.  The means I belong to an evidence-based profession.  Which means that when it comes to health care, either my own or my babies, I look to science and the evidence.

Of course then people say that you can't prove everything with science.  Well, again, I belong to an evidence-based profession, and we only use therapies that have proven evidence for them.  And we change how we do things when new evidence comes along.  Some people get frustrated by that, saying dietary advice is constantly changing.  But that's a good thing!  It means we are learning more and learning how to better help individuals.

Anyhow, sorry for the rant, but I needed to put it on paper somewhere, and this seemed like the safest place.  I may get attacked here as well for my views, and I'm fine with that.  I'm just doing what's best for my cats based upon the advice of a veterinary team that is part of one of the top veterinary colleges in the world.  I can't do any better than that, and I'm certainly not going to subject them to unproven treatments with no evidence for their efficacy.

Original post:

Hello all!  Dragonheart here!  It's my turn to go to the vet today.

Some of you may remember that back in May I had a dental and they removed a tooth that was exposed.  Then I had to go back to the vet again in June to have a mass - that was gum hyperplasia and infected - removed.

Well, last night my mom noticed that there was something on my chin (she thought it was food), so she cleaned it off and then noticed that there seemed to be some blood in my mouth.  I was good and let her look in my mouth, and she saw that the mass was back, and apparently I'm biting it, because it was bleeding.

So I'm going back to the vet at 1330 (that's 1:30 PM for those of you who don't know the 24-hour clock) to have it looked at.  Here's a photo of my mouth.  We kept it small in case you don't want to see the details, but you can click on it to view it larger.  That red stuff is sadly blood. :( 

Click to view larger
Thankfully when they removed the previous mass and sent it to pathology, it only turned out to be gum hyperplasia (basically just enlarged, inflamed gum tissue).  Hopefully we can figure out why it keeps coming back (the vet dentistry resources our mom has looked at say that normally removing the mass resolves the issue and that it's more common in dogs than cats).  Obviously I can't keep undergoing surgery every couple of months to remove a mass in my mouth.

So any purrs, purrayers, and positive thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  Thankfully Merlin is still doing great despite his cancer, but our mom freaks out a bit every time he makes a strange sound.  But between Devi's rash (still waiting on the swab results from yesterday) and now my mouth, our mom is pretty worried.  We will update this post when we return from the vet.  Thanks friends.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Trip to the Vet Tuesday

Hello all!  Devi here.  So, I ended up at the vet this morning.  Why?  Well, I have a rash over various parts of my body, and we are trying to figure out what it is.

They took some swabs and samples from where I have the bumps, and they will be examined today to figure out if the rash is due to some sort of infection, either bacterial, yeast, or fungus.  The vet doesn't think it is due to a parasite, because we don't go outside and no one else is affected.  Similarly, she doesn't think it's ringworm because no one else is affected.

If the swabs all come back negative, then it's probably an allergic reaction to something, which means trying to figure out exactly what I'm allergic to!  Most likely would be something food-related, but environmental allergies are also a possibility.

Hopefully they figure out what it is!  The rash doesn't appear to bother me - it doesn't hurt when the bumps are touched, and I'm not scratching at them, but it sure doesn't look very nice!

They tried to bribe me at the vet with some treats and Cheez Whiz.  I liked the treats, but not the Cheez Whiz (silly Merlin loves the Cheez Whiz).  I did step in the Cheez Whiz, though, so here I am cleaning it off of my paw.

We will keep you updated to let you know what's going on!  And we will have the results of Dragonheart's birthday contest for you on Thursday!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday Selfies: Router Edition

So, when our mom is working on her research at the computer, we all like to take turns hanging out on the router, especially when there's no sun shining through the windows.  So this week, for our Sunday Selfies with the Kitties Blue, we are featuring our router selfies.




Saturday, July 23, 2016

Caturday Art: Cat Love

Hello all!  Our Caturday Art posts are becoming predictable, but we really do love the Waterlogue app for creating beautiful watercolours from our photos, and our mom enjoys making digital scrapbooking pages on her downtime.

Click to view larger - made with Love and Sunshine by Mandy King
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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Terrific Tuxie Tuesday: Birthday Aftermath

Dragonheart here!  Thank you to everyone who came to my 10th birthday party yesterday!

Since some of you couldn't comment on my birthday post until this morning, we are counting all the comments made up until 0600 EDT this morning, which means your comments raised $37.50 for SOAR - Sphynx Open Arms Rescue!  So we are going to donate $40 to SOAR at the end of the month on payday.  We will post the donation when it is made

I had a good birthday with lots of head rubs from my mom and dad, and some of my favourite food - Almo Nature.  I had some yummy Wild Boar treats from Orijen as well.  All in all, it was a good birthday.

Thank you all for being part of my birthday celebration!